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The Keyboard Contractor

Warning: This might be controversial. Not might, will be. I would apologize in advance if I weren't sure you'll thank me later.

I joined a Facebook group a couple of months ago thinking I might find some new inspiration. I was right. It has inspired this very post. I want to explain to you the very real issue you face by subscribing to forums like this. I realize these forums seem like they are just people helping people fix home problems. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

While DIY forums can be a valuable resource for those looking to tackle home improvement projects on their own, it is important to approach them with caution. It's worth noting that DIY forums are not staffed by industry professionals or licensed contractors. As a result, the advice provided on these platforms may not always be accurate or reliable. It's crucial to remember that most DIY projects require a certain level of skill and expertise. While some tasks may seem simple, others can be complex and require professional assistance. These types of groups are mainly DIY'ers who may know nothing about construction. Most certainly, they do not have knowledge of city or county building codes, structural issues you may be facing or the technical expertise to not cause a cascade of other problems.

Post after post, I read people just like you struggling to maintain their real estate investment for various reasons. It may be lack of funds or lack of understanding in construction techniques. They take to forums to ask for help in hopes someone will help resolve their issue. What I am seeing more often than not creates a magnitude of other problems. Some of the suggestions I see in these threads will cost the unsuspecting homeowner thousands of dollars in the long run when they attempt to sell their property.

We live in an age of readily available keyboard contractors waiting for an opportunity to be helpful. I think it is done with the best of intentions, without realizing they could be potentially sinking your property investment. Please understand, I do not believe people are intentionally trying to sabotage your project. Some of the advice I read has been spot on, while others have left me stunned at the suggestion. As a homeowner, are you able to discern the difference?

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