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Inherited home to Derelict home

Let's talk about inherited homes for a moment. Our loved ones work their entire lives to buy houses. Maybe it is a house you grew up in, or their retirement dream home. After they pass, they generously will you their home. What an amazing gift from someone that cared for you. Many times, the home has been unoccupied for years and is in need of a serious overhaul. You don't have the money for the renovations and decide to hold onto it the house in hopes that one day you can bring this property back to life. Life happens, and for reasons beyond your control you can't get to it for months or years. Does any of this sound familiar? Thousands of homes every year sit unoccupied, depreciating in value.

Inherited homes will become derelict if they are not properly maintained and renovated. These gifted homes may have sentimental value, but they can quickly fall into disrepair without regular upkeep. The question to ask yourself is, "Would my loved one want their home to look like this?" and, "Am I being a good steward of the gift that was given to me?"

Most importantly, would your loved one leave you this home again if they saw the condition of it today? If the answer is no, then now is your cue to sell.

It is important to note that leaving houses unoccupied for extended periods can lead to various issues. Unoccupied homes are more susceptible to deterioration as there is no one actively maintaining them. As a result, these houses start to break down, leading to structural damage and other problems. Your inheritance is actively losing value every day that it sits unoccupied.

Furthermore, unoccupied houses often become targets for squatters or vandals. The absence of residents makes them attractive to individuals looking for temporary shelter or those who engage in destructive behaviors. This damages the property and poses safety risks for the surrounding neighborhood.

We know it is hard to let go. Sometimes these homes are the only things we feel we have left. Your loved one left you this gift with the intention for it to improve your life. Preserve that gift in the spirit that it is given and allow that property to have a new life.

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